Forgotten Crises

Imagine having all emergency data at your fingertips – in real-time, harmonized, contextualized, and simplified. You could react to disasters even before impacts are detected. You could understand where people talk about this particular event. You could get in touch with social media users that actually care about your activities, if you’re a global humanitarian agency or a community-based initiative. PERIGEE was developed to do just that.

PERIGEE is developed in collaboration with the world’s leading aid organizations, research institutions, fundraising networks and data providers. We offer a public portal that visualizes global emergency information so that private and institutional user can access the most recent emergency reports, satellite-based assessments or forecasts all at once. Private users can start their own campaign to support an emergency that might remain under the global media radar, whereas PERIGEE finds the most likely supporters for the campaign on social media. Instead of paying money into a virtual pot all donations are directly used to fund goods and services that are really needed. This could be items bought directly on local markets (such as food or hygiene articles), emergency goods that need to be imported (such as water treatment units) or emergency services (such as psycho-social support for children).

Humanitarian agencies can get access to premium features, such as machine learning-based forecasts of fundraising potential for certain kinds of emergencies to improve the efficiency of their operations – that’s the ‘predictive part. Learning from the past is the key to performing better in the future. PERIGEE offers a data-based service to do just that – not for humanitarian users, but with them. All PERIGEE tools and services are fully GDPR compliant and transparent.

No analytical black boxes. No secrecy. Full data protection.

PERIGEE is funded by the European Space Agency’s SPARK Program, the Microsoft Start-up Incubator, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), and the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS). We’re working with the world’s leading research and humanitarian organizations, such as the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, with fundraising networks, and various emergency data providers.


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